Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A quote.

Rachel Held Evans tweeted this the other day. I retweeted it, but I also wanted to put it on the blog.

"I'm pretty sure that folks who delight in damning others to hell are already living in a hell of their own making."


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Anonymous said...

Spot on! And I believe one could throw into the fires a huge branch of 'legalism'. I was dining with a group of wonderful Christian sisters today, many of whom I had not seen in years! Excitedly, because I was asked, I shared my son's upcoming wedding in a year to his Brizilian fiancé, who is also a Christian. I prattled on describing the reception we would host for him to present his wife from Brazil You could hear a pin drop when I mentioned the DJ & a single champagne toast after providing supper ! Mouths were closed tight,so