Sunday, February 10, 2013


 This is what joy looks like.


When this kid watches a tv show or plays a game that he 
really loves, his whole body sort of freaks out. 

For example, Bubble Guppies. 

The second you turn the show on for him he's mesmerized. 
As soon as the music starts, he can't help but start dancing around. 
Tenth time we've watched this episode? Doesn't phase him one bit.

But the best part is that throughout the show he'll periodically turn 
and look around to make sure that everyone else in the room is 
enjoying this moment as much as he is.

It's difficult to explain, but his face lights up, and he does this 
gasp/giggle/smile thing as if to say "Guys! This is the best day ever." 
It's like he wants everyone else to understand how awesome life is.

Suddenly you're willing to watch the episode for the 11th time
because of how freakin' excited this kid is.

This is just a reminder:

Today can be the "best day ever".
Life really can be awesome.
Awesome really can be contagious.

There can be joy...
Even in the moments where life feels like one giant re-run.

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