Sunday, April 7, 2013

Words Everywhere.

There are a LOT of words on these here internets. People are sharing links to blogs, books, videos, articles, etc. all day long. There are word everywhere.

Seriously, whatever stats people used to quote regarding the amount of words we communicate on a daily basis have probably quadrupled since the invention of social media. 

After being a frequent reader of blogs for like 5 whole years and a Twitterer for 4 (which by the way makes a person an expert on these things), I've decoded certain phrases:

"Just the other day..."
I'm about to tell you a story about something that has happened in my lifetime. It could have been 5 years ago, 5 days ago, 5 minutes ago. In fact, it may not have even happened yet.

"People always ask me..."
At some point in my life, someone has asked me or someone around me, a question that vaguely resembles this one. Sure, they may have been asking for directions to the nearest gas station, but when I tell the story, they were totally asking me to explain the meaning of life. 

"A good friend of mine wrote this life-changing book."
Someone I know wrote this book, which I may or may not have read completely, but I'm going to ask you to read it anyway because they have mouths to feed and mortgages to pay. Also, I'm hoping if I get them enough sales, they'll help me out when my book comes out in a few months. 

I write this list jokingly, but the point is that honesty is incredibly important.

People tend to believe what they read online, and they trust people quickly for whatever reason when it comes to what they write. Perhaps because it's much harder to discern character over the internet. But, the fact is that as soon as someone gets even an inkling they are being tricked, they'll jump ship.

Are the words you're writing completely true? Could you defend them if you had to?

If the answers to either of those questions is "no", then maybe we rethink hitting "send" or "publish". 

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